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Say hello to Silvana, mainly known as Vana, the newest gem in Salon Glamour’s crown of talented stylists! With a remarkable 23 years of mastery in the hair realm, Vana embarked on her journey at a youthful 19, and her devotion to the art of hair has only deepened with time. Originating from the vibrant landscapes of Albania, she arrives with a treasure trove of knowledge, having gracefully helmed her own salon for a splendid 16 years.

Vana’s craftsmanship truly dazzles, especially in her balayage technique, and she wields magic with textured bobs and pixie cuts. Proficient in English, Albanian, and Italian, she effortlessly bridges any linguistic gaps with her clientele, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Beyond the salon’s confines, Vana’s creative flair knows no bounds as she indulges in the mesmerizing world of fashion, gracing captivating fashion shows. Her passion for hair ignited in her childhood, where she delighted friends with her innate styling finesse.

Let’s extend a warm embrace to Vana as she joins the Salon Glamour family, poised to infuse every client’s visit with her unmatched talent and fervor for hairstyling!

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