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Meet Alex, our returning stylist at Salon Glamour, hailing all the way from the enchanting beauty of Serbia.

Seventeen years ago, Alex embarked on a journey into the realm of hairstyling, discovering an innate passion that would shape his entire career. Today, that same enthusiasm and curiosity continue to fuel his artistic vision and dedication to the craft.

Throughout his illustrious career, Alex has honed his skills by attending various seminars and classes with industry giants such as Wella Professionals, L’Oréal, and Matrix. His commitment to staying at the forefront of trends and techniques ensures that each client receives a cutting-edge and personalized experience.

Alex’s versatility shines as he embraces every aspect of hairstyling with equal fervor. Whether it’s the artistry of hair coloring, the precision of men and women’s haircuts, the delicate touch of balayage techniques, or the elegance of updos and weddings, Alex approaches each client as a new challenge and a unique experience.

What sets Alex apart is his ability to seamlessly blend the rich and diverse styles he brought from Europe with the education he acquired in the West. This fusion of talents, techniques, and styles results in a harmonious and sophisticated approach that instills confidence and allure.

Step into the world of glamour with Alex at Salon Glamour, where his passion for hairstyling transforms each client’s vision into a work of art. Your journey to beauty begins here, where East meets West in a celebration of style and sophistication.

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